First Posterous Blog Post!


In the 7+ years that I’ve been active on the Internet I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve tried on different sites, but I’ve failed every single time. I made the blog, and then never told anyone about it. Pointless, right? Well I always wanted to tell people, but I would be embarrassed by what I would type. The reason I’m making one now is that I feel that I’m in a point in my life where I want to show people the smarter side of me. Many of my friends don’t know that I watch tons of TV and love everything about new technology and politics. I think that the more posts that I will write in this blog, people will get to know me better. The blog will be funny, nice, or serious. It all depends on whats happening around me. I also think that on a platform as simple and as easy as Posterous, I will be able to update this frequently without problems or editing of backgrounds and banners. But now to what my blog will be! My blog will be like The Huffington Post (Politics and Media Section) and an average blog combined. I will be posting news, but I wont try to flood you with stuff. I will also post pictures often and audio and video once in a while. Another thing I’m considering doing is writing short stories once in a very long while, so I wont bore you to suicide. I am a Celtics fan, so I might post some things as they advance farther in the Playoffs, and I also love my iPhone! I might also do some application reviews, but only apps that I really love (like Kieffer Bros. iPhone apps). But just stay tuned and eventually this will hopefully go somewhere. I’ve also been getting addicted to taking vintage black & white pictures recently, so I will be posting them often as well. They will mostly be from the day of the post, so you’ll know its not old. So here’s one I just took, thanks for reading and come back soon!




One thought on “First Posterous Blog Post!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your Ma Cheesy In This Pic LoL 🙂

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