Should I miss school?


As I look outside my door, I wonder if I shouldn’t go to school on Thursday. I have a dentist appointment that day and I have no one to take me back to school. Why am I so worried if I’m NOT going to school? Because I haven’t missed one single day yet this year, and I wanted to have my first school year where I didn’t miss one day. I still hope I can find someone by Thursday. There’s only about a month left of school so I really don’t want to miss a day. I asked my friends today if they’ve missed school at all this year. All of them said yes. And I know my brothers missed a ton of days at school. My older brother hasn’t gone to school all this week, and my younger brother will go to the same appointment as me on Thursday. Do you like to try to not miss a day of doing anything? For me, Yes! Some days, I completely forget twitter, and I sometimes forget to call my dad (which I do daily) So what about you? Have you missed any day of school or work? And do you think I should miss school that day or do anything in my power to go to school that day?


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