Britains 2010 General Election: My Thoughts


I turned on my television this morning as I do everyday, and I tuned in to MSNBC’s 3 hour morning show, Morning Joe. As I was watching, they were ripping people called “Brownies”, domestic, and foreign. They kept saying things about the domestic one that made me think this Brownie guy is no good. Turns out that it was Michael Brown who said that President Obama wanted the recent Oil Spill to happen to prove his theory, which is rediculous. Then they switched to foreign “Brownies”. Mika Brzezinski then started reading an Op-Ed from The Wall Street Journal from Rupert Darwall in which he says Conservatives have guaranteed increase in spending and that it wont change how the policy is going under the leading party. I then realized that they were talking about Britain’s Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. They all pretty much agreed that Gordon Brown was bad and that the Conservatives have a good chance of winning the election. Tina Brown from was also on the set with Joe and she said that Mr. Brown “Is Just so inept politically that he cannot run this job” and that “From Day 1 it’s this stumblebum performance that has left the British people just loathing the guy in such an extraordinary way.” Then Joe told her about the Conservstives and that if they win, nothing will change, and she completely agreed. She said that Cameron has a chance of winning. She also said that Nick Clegg is a “great television speaker” but just won’t win because they’re not as popular as Labour and Conservatives. But what I’m thinking is, if Conservatives are going to win and keep everything the same as Labour, then why not just keep Labour and keep everything running normal? What surprises me is that Tina Brown herself is British and doesn’t know what’s the difference between the two parties if everything is going to be the same. I think it was a very broad statement to say that he had been inept politically that his country’s people loathing him. He is having problems in approval ratings though, the lowest since World War II. The opposition party has also had a big increase from having approval in the low 10s, to mid 30s now, virtually tying with Labour. I’m not British, and if I were, I would only vote for who I think was going to win. I do think though that Gordon Brown hasn’t been given a chance, he’s only been PM since 2007, and Tony Blair did well during his years, and he held it for a long time. So I give my useless vote to Gordon Brown of the Labour Party, but I won’t be shocked if he loses. This election is just too close to call.


One thought on “Britains 2010 General Election: My Thoughts

  1. phelim says:

    Very good to have your support!I’m surprised that MSNBC were reporting such things, it. As you’d expect I’m certainly of the opinion that things could be very different under the Tories. If you’ll let me I’ll spell out a few of the dividing lines – and you can know more than those people on MSNBC.The Conservatives have identified £6bn of spending cuts that they would make this year. There’s a clear difference. They want to start cutting this year when the recovery is still fragile; all the other serious parties will put off spending cuts till next year. And when the cuts do come there’s a clear difference. All the parties are pursuing a balance of spending cuts and tax rises to reduce the national debt and rein in the deficit. The Conservatives, however, will make many more cuts than Labour to public services in order to save money. Instead of raising taxes on the rich few (as Labour is doing this year with a new 50p tax rate on earnings over £150,000 p.a.) the Cons will cut from the public services – schools, NHS, police – that are used by all. At the same time the Conservatives will give an inheritance tax cut worth on average £200,000 to the 3,000 wealthiest estates in the country.The Liberal Democrats are actually even more avid to cut, placing themselves to the right of the Tories. Even they acknowledge the need to put off cuts until the 2011/12 financial year however.Aside from the economy there are plenty of things the Conservatives say they would go around changing. They’d pursue a reckless free market experiment with our schools; they’d cut child tax credits and child trust funds; they’d block reform to the voting system, to the second chamber and probably block moves towards a codified constitution; they’d scrap the current two week cancer guarantee (one of their officials saying “speed isn’t everything” when dealing with cancer); they’d dogmatically roll back the state under a scheme they call the “Big Society” – simply another name for the poor public services of the last Conservative government.This obviously isn’t a rant at you, I know you’re only reporting what MSNBC have said. It seems their analysis is rather superficial and shallow; but what can you expect for a small story about a foreign election.I’m not so surprised, however, about the WSJ being positive about Cameron and anti-Labour. You know who they’re owned by. Murdoch is very much behind Cameron and his numerous publications and outlets here (some of which have been incredibly unprincipled in their coverage) reflect this.You’re very much right about the Tories having a good chance. A few months ago most believed the election was a done deal; Cameron had fantastic poll leads. It sounds like this was the last time that most of these MSNBC reporters last checked in on British news! Since then it has become a lot closer. The Lib Dems experienced a surge and look like they’ll get about 5 or 6 percentage points higher than in 2005. Still, tonight’s polls all place the Cons quite clearly ahead, but with our electoral system they’ll need to be ahead by a bit more to be on course for an overall majority and a proper victory. Many people anticipate a hung parliament – where no party has a majority of seats and one of the larger parties has to form some sort of agreement with some of the smaller ones in order to get a majority. Polls are only polls however and we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow. I think a lot of us are braced for the worst.

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