Justin.tv is Dead


I follow the Justin.tv Twitter page and the some Jtv staff Twitter accounts. In the last couple of days, they’ve been tweeting that the website was going to have a big makeover in the next couple of weeks (they said that weeks ago now) so I go back today, and the website has drastically changed. If any of the few original members of Justin.tv remember the site, they’ll be shocked by how different it looks. It’s not going to be for the better. Remember all of the features that it had to configure the settings? Gone. All you see is an automatic bandwidth reader that sets your speed. It’s alright for newer users and people that don’t know much about broadcasting, but for more advanced users, it’s a huge downgrade. The flash media encoder XML file, used for more advanced users to broadcast better isn’t available anymore to get (at least when I tried) and it’s just not the fun website I always used to go to. I only go to see classic users that I’ve watched from the beginning now. Also, I used to go multiple times daily, now I go a couple of times a month. I have their iPhone app, but I don’t use it much either. It’s just not what it was. The channel customization for me is very tacky and out of place. It should be organized better. I also think that JTV also may be losing people due to so many changes. It’s reach has been steady in 2010, but down from 2009’s highs. It’s biggest competitor, Ustream, has caught up to Jtv and has virtually closed the gap completely between them. Also, for the first time ever, Ustream beat Justin.tv in reach at the end of March. Since then, they’ve been neck-and-neck in daily reach. I think maybe Ustream could be better than Jtv! They haven’t changed their style, because it’s already great. They also get much more celebrities to broadcast that Jtv. Jtv has been the leader ever since live broadcasting ever became available, but it’s days of being a leader may be numbered. I’m very disappointed and hope they change it back, and since they probably won’t, there’s a chance I may leave the site. Sorry Jtv, but it’s not me, it’s you.


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