New website causing controversy over online bullying


I read an article on The New York Times about this new social networking site that is starting a big controversy. It’s called and it’s a question and answer site where people can ask questions and others can annonymously answer the questions. The wesite got even more attention when Alexis Pilkington, a 17-year-old soccer player committed suicide after she received very nasty messages through the website. An incident close to where I live also involved The local news stationing my area, ABC 27, reported that there was a “riot-like” scene according to police when they visited a High School in Harrisburg, PA after multiple kids saw answers and questions posted about them on formspring and started a huge fight that resulted in having several students from the school arrested and were charged with riot felonies. Over a hundred students gathered around the fight and caused the commotion. Videos have been posted and removed from YouTube from that incident. Formspring founders say that they don’t know what percent of their users are teenagers. I think it might be a huge percentage of it’s users are teenagers as one of the teachers spoken to by the NYT article. She said that every kid that she has asked if they know about the website, they said yes. You can read The New York Times article here and the local news article here.


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