Katy Perry: She’s Baaaaack!


As I was in my networking class drinking coffee that my teacher oddly gave for everyone to drink today, I pressed the refresh button on my Twitter gadget through iGoogle. The newest post was from Katy Perry, who I follow. The post read,”SUMMER STARTS NOW! WHO’S READY TO HEAR MY SINGLE “CALIFORNIA GURLS” GO HERE: WWW.KATYPERRY.COM & RETWEET! TWITTER TAKEOVER! #CALIFORNIAGURLS” and I quickly went to the site. Turns out Katy debuted her song from her next album on Twitter! I’m not sure if it’s the first time someones done that, but it’s always cool when they do, because you’re releasing it to your core audience first, the fans who are following you! As the tweet said, the song is called “California Gurls” and features Snoop Dogg of all people, but the song is very good! It has the same style as Ke$ha’s Tik Tok but different beats. Katy said in an interiew with MTV News a year ago that the next album was going to have more “sad” songs and it wouldn’t have the upbeat tone that “One of the Boys” had. I think after the flop of Katy’s fourth single, “Thinking of You” which had a sorrow tone, she changed her mind and stuck with what’s working for her. I think it’s going to be hard to top her previous album, but if she keeps doing what she’s doing with her new single, it could happen. Even though it’s not about kissing girls or being hot and cold, it’s about how crazy party girls from California are, and that’s exactly what Katy is. You can listen to her new single at KatyPerry.com


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