Betty White on SNL= Comedy Heaven


Last night was the best episode of Saturday Night Live I have ever seen. Yes, even better than the episodes with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin. Why? Because Betty was on every skit of the entire show, which was the first time I saw that too. So it was funny from end to finish. My favorite part was oddly the MacGruber skits (which are short skits of a man trying to stop a bomb from exploding) because by the third MacGruber skit, MacGruber oddly fell in love with his own grandmother, who was Betty White. He proposed to her, and she said, “Are you out of your fucking mind?!” a huge laugh from the crowd came, then she says, “Yes!” and as the reached for a kiss, the bomb explodes. I laughed so much out of every single skit and I will never forget that episode. She also made history as the oldest person to host SNL in it’s 35 year history. You would’ve never thought that a woman her age could be so funny, but I think she surprised everyone this year. As Chelsea Handler would say: What….A comeback


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