My forgetful brain this morning


I woke up a little later than usual, at 6:45 A.M. Since I woke up 20 minutes later than usual, I was in a hurry all morning. I still had cereal, watched TV, and bought some gum. As I was walking to my bus stop, I saw as if no one was there. I still kept walking to make sure that I was right, and I saw no one there! I’m normally the fourth out of 7 people to arrive at my bus stop. For a second, I thought that I missed my bus stop because I did stop at a store. But then I remembered that I had no school on Monday because it was a snow day (A day that we use in case we had snow earlier in the winter season) and I was pissed. I just kept talking to myself saying how stupid and forgetful I am. I went back home and I was thinking about how many times they announced it at school on Friday. Then I remembered when I was in math class on that Friday. I was sitting next to a friend and my math teacher said, “Don’t forget, you don’t have school on Monday” and right after he said that, I told my friend beside me, “I won’t forget stuff like that!” Oh the irony…..


One thought on “My forgetful brain this morning

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow only you would do something like that…. For example ….Digging a hole till you get to China…. Lol 😛

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