USA Today was right after all!


This time, it’s not a new iPod or iPad revealed, but an agreement. One that hasn’t been confirmed to the public until now. Apple responded to allegations from a class-action lawsuit that claimed Apple and AT&T illegally monopolized service for the iPhone and misled customers with a two-year contract, when the agreement with Apple and AT&T was 5 years, making customers sign up for 3 more years if they wanted to keep using their iPhone. Apple responded with this:

“The duration of the exclusive Apple-[AT&T] agreement was not ‘secret’ either. The [plaintiff] quotes a May 21, 2007 USA Today article – published over a month before the iPhone’s release – stating, “AT&T has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for five years-an eternity in the go-go cellphone world.”

“[T]here was widespread disclosure of [AT&T’s] five-year exclusivity and no suggestion by Apple or anyone else that iPhones would become unlocked after two years… Moreover, it is sheer speculation – and illogical – that failing to disclose the five-year exclusivity term would produce monopoly power…”

I think that Apple is really in the wrong with this. You call one unconfirmed report by USA Today “widespread disclosure”??? If it was true, why didn’t you confirm the report 3 YEARS AGO?! After AT&T customers found out how crappy the service became, you guys stayed quiet and didn’t say a word about the iPhone’s exclusivity and how long it would last. I didn’t know how shady Apple was until now. I understand that they can stay quiet about new releases like the iPhone 4G, but they pretty much tricked us. But you should have valued your customers by at least telling them in an OFFICIAL STATEMENT about how long the exclusivity would last. I think the only company that should be given credit and should be praised is USA Today who was right after all! They reported back in May 2007 (before the original iPhone was even released) that the agreement was for 5 years. For some reason, nobody paid attention to that article and kept asking how long the exclusivity was. I went to USA Today’s Tech section, and they have no article on the details that have just surfaced. Maybe because it’s old news to them since they reported it 3 YEARS AGO!!! It would be great if USA Today did a nice article on the front page of Science and Tech with the title, “WE TOLD YOU SO!!!”


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