Matt Lauer cheating on his wife?! No way!!!


I went to Google News and stopped by the Entertainment section. I saw nothing irregular by the time I got to the bottom of the page. I scrolled back up and as I was scrolling, I saw a headline with Matt Lauer. I didn’t think there was going to be anything bad on it. To my surprise, it was an article about Matt having an affair! The National Enquirer is reporting that Matt Lauer moved out of his home in Manhattan where his wife and 3 young kids live after tons of arguing over Matt allegedly cheating on his wife of 12 years, Annette Roque. The report says that Annette angrily confronted Matt Lauer coming home after covering the Vancouver Winter Olympics earlier this year. Matt denied the alligations from Annette, and started to constantly argue. He eventually moved out, and they have been living apart for several months now. Representatives for Matt Lauer, Annette Roque, and NBC had “No comment” on the matter.

The only think I remotely believe is the moving out part. The rest for me is complete bullshit. First of all, it’s from the National Enquirer, which is the most unreliable news source EVER. Second, he’s married to a model. And third, it’s Matt Lauer!

He’s reported on all major affairs of the last decade including Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Mark Sanford, Eliot Spitzer, and that’s just from last 4 years!

I think he of anybody knows the consequences of having an affair and how it can completely ruin someones life. I also think that Matt is very careful. He’s been co-hosting the Today Show for over 13 years and made it be the #1 morning show that it is today.

He definitely doesn’t want to damage his image and doesn’t want to lose his kids. I do think that if he moved out of his house, it’s just because of marital problems. If he does divorce from Annette, it will be his second. His previous wife told the National Enquirer that she isn’t surprised that he has split from his wife but is sad to see so.

I’ve been watching him every morning for the last 3 years now, and other than very subtle comments about very hot women, he’s never done anything in terms of looking or flirting with a girl, at least while the camera is rolling.


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