Back from hiatus, iPhone working again!


Okay, so I’m officially back on the blog! I was on strike, but it’s all good now. As I said on Twitter, my iPhone started to have issues and the screen was completely white with some black vertical lines for a week. I went to the Apple Store today and they fixed it in minutes. I also got to use the iPad for the first time! It’s blazing fast! The quality of the apps are amazing, and playing games on it is a dream.

I had the best time at the Apple Store and hope to go back soon, hopefully leaving with a product of theirs! I would love an iPad, or MacBook. I said on Twitter before that I had a good chance of getting a MacBook Pro. The chance right now is 30%. but I’m not losing hope on getting one.

But other than that, I’m just happy that I have my iPhone! Just to be clear: I WILL be posting again daily, so check back tomorrow!


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