Chuck Season 3 Finale Tonight!


     After years of bad decisions, it seems like NBC is stopping their sympathy renewals and are starting to keeps shows that are good. Tonight is the season 3 finale of Chuck, and its going to end with a BANG! The only information that my TV is giving me on the season finale are these 6 simple words, “The Ring closes in on Chuck.” HOLY SHIT!!!

     All season, they have been all around him, but he hasn’t been confronted by The Ring, but The Ring is all over Chuck’s older sister, Ellie. She thinks that she is helping the CIA with Casey, who she thinks is a terrorist, but she’s doing the complete opposite. Casey is part of the CIA, Justin, who tells Ellie that he a CIA officer, is actually part of The Ring. He is using her information to try to get Chuck, and I think tonight is where Chuck will find out that Justin and The Ring have been sabotaging Ellie, and he will have to forcibly admit that he’s a spy (which Ellie doesn’t know.)

     Its a 2 hour finale so I hope all of my questions are answered! I also think that it has some sort of good ending since the shows creators werent sure that the show would be renewed. No worries on that front! Chuck has already been renewed for a fourth season! This is the first broadcast network series that I have watched since day 1 and I’m so glad its lasted so long! I guess I have good taste when it comes to TV shows! All shows that I like have been renewed. (Chuck, Southland, The Middle, Modern Family, Medium, Glee)

We’ll see what happens tonight!!!


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