Goodbye, Law & Order.



Yesterday was the planned series finale of LOST, answering the questions that fans have been wanting to know for the last six years. But tonight, another show will end, but it will end abruptly and unplanned – and its lasted more than 3 times the entire run of LOST.

     Law & Order will end its 20th and final season tonight. The series finale is called “Rubber Room” and is about the detectives trying to prevent a blogger from bombing a school in New York City. The Department of Education refuses to cooperate and it further complicates their investigation. Olympic skiier Lindsey Vonn is guess-starring. If you didn’t know, Lindsey is a huge fan of Law & Order and Dick Wolf (creator of Law & Order) offered her a role in an episode, she quickly accepted.

     I started watching Law & Order about 3 years ago. I originally liked Special Victims Unit, but then I started to learn more about law and watch both shows regularly. The show has taught me so much about the U.S. legal system. After watching so many episodes, I learned the Miranda rights that officers recite to suspects.

     Even though I don’t blame NBC for canceling it, (because of low ratings) I do think that it should’ve been renewed for another season to beat Gunsmoke and become the longest running drama in the history of American television. The thing is, NBC is in a lot of trouble as well, its in fourth place in the ratings, and it used to be #1 in the ’90s and early 2000s. So the decision was just business.

     But don’t worry, this won’t be the last time you’ll see Law & Order. TNT is having a marathon all day today of the most memorable episodes of the series. The show will also be in syndication for decades to come, as its had over 455 episodes aired. So when you watch tonight, don’t be sad, be happy. You cant say its life was cut short, it lasted for a very long time.


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