Apple is the New King!



 I found out about this on my twitter timeline, but laughed when I saw the image above on The Huffington Post. Its Apple’s logo sitting on Microsoft’s Windows logo, and its wearing a crown! So yeah the big news today from the tech world is that Apple surpassed Microsoft in market cap for the first time ever, making it the most valuable tech company – IN THE WORLD!!!

I remember when no one used any Apple products, and that was only about 5 years ago. Now it would be weird if you dont have one. Its not so much of a surprise, because Apple has exploded while Microsoft has basically stayed the same. In the last 5 years, Apple’s stock has risen 560%, while Microsoft’s has risen by just 5%. Like I said its not so huge in terms of it being a shock, you have to admit, it’s a huge milestone.

Ever since I could remember Microsoft has been at the top. They are in a bit of a rebound with a new OS, email, search engine, and mobile phone, and that’s just in the last year. But none have been more successful than Apple products. I think Microsoft will soon be in third place, as Apple is getting competition as well. We all know who that is………………………………..GOOGLE!


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