BP Oil Slick Causes Obama Scrutiny


As I read somewhere on the web, this oil spill in the gulf is stating to look like Obama’s Katrina. Everyone seems to be blaming him for not reacting quick enough, and letting BP clean up the mess themselves.

The government is pretty much not involved in the stopping of the spill, or the cleaning of it. President Obama said that BP would pay the bill for all of the damage, and they have, but they’re not doing such great job. The images that are being taken in the Gulf are very ugly. Thick colors of orange and red covering the water. It’s also affecting businesses around the area who depend in the waters for their business to stay afloat.

The spill is also impacting wildlife. I saw a picture recently taken in the Gulf of a Pelican completely covered in oil on CNN.com. This is very bad news for Pelicans. They were endangered for years and recently got removed from the list. It might go right back up if this problem isn’t solved soon.

I have to admit, the President has handled this pretty badly. He went down to the site right after it happened, made a few statements, and left. Since then he hasn’t really done much except say BP has to clean it up.

It’s not too late, though. He is due to go back to the gulf this week and I think he will probably announce some type of government help in what has become a huge disaster for the Gulf, and for the President.


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