Starbucks subsidary to compete with McDonalds’ McCafe


It seems like Starbucks is scared of losing it’s reign of being the top coffee stop to McDonalds, so it’s going to compete.

Starbucks subsidary, Seattle’s Best, will soon be selling premium coffee in fast food chains like Burger King and Subway to compete with McDonalds’ McCafe brand. In total, that comes to be about 30,000 stores around the country!

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I think that people will choose quality over price. Like in the TIME article I read, people still want high quality coffee, whether were in a recession, or not.

McDonalds spent millions in a campaign to promote it’s McCafe line, and it made over 1.5 billion last year, just in coffee! Stabucks is looking to bank in on some of those millions, as McDonalds basically has no fast food coffee competitor.

We’ll see what happens, when Seattle’s Best hits food chains later this year.


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