More People want HDTV – says Nielsen


I read an interesting and, semi-shocking article on The New York Times today and it was about HDTV. If you wouldve asked me what how many people watch television in HD, I would’ve said about 35%. I was completely wrong. Nielsen (who measures TV ratings) is reporting that 51.7% of all households in the United States are now watching their programming in HD. It’s the biggest switch to a new technology since VCR’s became the best way for home video back in the 1980s.

More than half! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I still don’t have HD, but were very close on getting one soon. Even though having HD costs extra money per-month on your TV bill, people are still spending the money to have that great crystal clear quality on that big screen in the comfort of your home.

This shows that people pick quality over price. The same thing happened with DVD’s and Blu-Ray. Even though Blu-Ray disc and players are much more expensive than DVD, people still spent the money to have a great cinematic experience at home.

DVD’s are starting to seem more obsolete with each passing day and eventually it might be like the VCR or floppy disk, which no one uses anymore.


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