NBA Finals and USA Network premieres, which should I watch?!


I have a bit of mixed emotions for TV tonight, because there are 3 great things on tonight on TV but they’re all on at the same time! Tonight is Game 1 of the NBA Finals with the Boston Celtics going against the Los Angeles Lakers at their stadium. Boston is my favorite team and they’ve gone so far! The Celtics struggled but they passed their way through the best teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers (which has LeBron James!) and the Orlando Magic. They beat the Magic and won the Eastern Conference Finals and they’re now going against one of the best teams in the NBA. I hope Boston wins tonight!!! If you want to watch, the game starts at 9 P.M. Est. On ABC. The game should end at about 11:30, if there’s no overtime.

But the thing is, tonight is the Season 3 premiere of Burn Notice and the Season 2 premiere of Royal Pains on USA Network! If you haven’t seen these shows, you have to!!! They’re so good, you’ll get addicted right away. Burn Notice is a Crime show and Royal Pains is a Medical show. Royal Pains was the #1 new show on cable last season. Burn Notice is the #1 show on cable overall.

So in all, I’m torn. I can’t decide what to do! But I bet I can find a stream of the game on my iPhone so I think while I watch Burn Notice and Royal Pains, I can look at the game frequently.

So I think that’s my plan for tonight. It’s a night of premieres and hopefully, wins!!!


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