WWDC: What should we expect?


It’s that time of year again to expect the new iPhone. I’m almost certain that they will unveil a new version, but let’s assume that they might not. What should we expect other than the iPhone? I’m going to put the possibilities and what I think the chances are that it’ll be invoked in a percentage. (iPhone included)

Free MobileMe – 50%

Even though Apple has recently changed some things for current customers in recent days (just before WWDC) I’m still not completely convinced that Apple will introduce it tomorrow. With the expectance of the new iPhone, they could be getting much more paid customers for MobileMe. I’m 50/50 on this rumor.

iTunes on the web – 30%

Yes, Apple acquired and shut down Lala, but I just don’t see it happening all in one day along with free MobileMe. It’s either one of the two, but free MobileMe looks much more likely to me. It’s a slight possibility, but I don’t expect it.

iPhone on Verizon – 5%

I would be beyond shocked if Apple introduces a CDMA iPhone that would work with Verizon. With the revelation that AT&T and Apple made the exclusivity until 2012, I dont expect one until then. At the D8 conference last week, when asked about this, Steve Jobs said that, “it might happen.” Yeah, right.

New MacBook Air – 50%

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything about the MacBook Air, but there’s been almost no speculation on it, so I’m straight down the middle on this one, but it’s possible.

iPhone OS 4 Release Date or will be released – 70%

This one should be a 50/50, but with the introduction of the OS to the developers months ago, I think developers have had plenty of time to make their apps compatible to the new OS. So I think they will either give a release date (presumably with the new iPhone) or release it tomorrow, which seems a bit unlikely.

New iPhone – 99%

I couldn’t be more sure of anything in the world right now. This should happen, I never put 100% but this is pretty much it. The Gizmodo/Apple incident confirmed everything, so that is something that we will see at WWDC tomorrow. I would be more than shocked if we don’t see it, and I think it would be the biggest upset in recent memory if Apple doesn’t.

So that’s what I think with the rumors expected to be released at WWDC today. Don’t look for a new Verizon iPhone, but look for a brand new iPhone in general.


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