My Crazy Morning


I must have the worst luck in the world. It’s like the true story that happened to me last month where I went to my bus stop when I had no school, but this is worse.

I left at 7:41 A.M. which is a bit late but I left at that time all last week and I got on time to my bus stop. Different story today. My brother was PMSing and left late to his ride, who is my uncle. But I left right after him and it seemed like the perfect morning (other than the unusually low temperatures) and left the house. I always look to my right to see if the bus is coming, because afterall, it’s 7:41. I didn’t see it in sight. So I started to walk to my stop.

I was looking at my iPhone putting a song to play, and while trying to pick one, I look up and see that my bus was already at the bus stop! I look at the light and it’s green so it meant that right after everyone got on the bus could go right away. I ran as fast as I could, but I was too far and too late. I missed the bus for the first time in my entire life. I just turned around and said, “Shit!” and I walked back home in a somber walk. I walked back home ad stayed outside. I thought to myself, if my mom finds out, she is going to murder me. She’s already stressed out over my little brother bitching at her so I didn’t want to add any more stress on her. First thing I did was call my dad, he couldn’t do anything. I then went to the side of my house to hide until my mom left for work. When she did, I went into the house.

My next plan was to try to find spare change to take the real bus to school, like the mass transit one. So it took me about 15 minutes to find 15 cents. Yeah, my mom doesn’t leave much change around. I already had a dollar and it costs $1.15 to go, so I was set. As I was leaving my house, I started to think how hungry I may get if it takes a long time to get to school. I ran to my kitchen and picked up a Mountain Dew, then left the house. There’s a bus stop right across my street so I went to it right away. In about 10 minutes, the bus arrived. I put my money in, asked for a transfer, and sat down. At first it seemed like it wasnt going to take long to arrive to school. Then The driver stopped at a Frito Lay factory. (They’re the company who makes chips like Lay’s and Doritos) I had no idea we make them here! So anyway, he stops there and takes FOREVER just parked on the side! I guess it was a routine stop and he just waits there for about 20 minutes until someone or no one comes.

He finally starts going and I have hope again. I take another bus that eventually takes me to my school. The secretary asks if I have an excuse note, I said no. I signed in and put “missed bus” in the part where it asks for a reason. I then went about my day as usual.

It was actually fun. I felt nervous, then impatient, then hopeful. Emotions that are usually put in a movie. Hiding at the side of my house made me feel sneaky and calling for help was a little dramatic. I’m not going to act like before where I beat myself up, it’s not worth it. Tomorrows my last day of school, and one thing that’s for sure is that I sure as hell won’t miss my bus.


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