Last day of new Mountain Dew flavor voting!


Today’s the last day of the DEWmocracy election in which the fans decide which will be the new Mountain Dew flavor. I tried all of the new flavors, and the flavor and can’t stop drinking is White Out! It’s a white, almost transparent drink that has a citrus taste but with a twist of Mountain Dew, it’s perfect. I tried the other nominees, Typhoon and Distortion, and they don’t even come close. I only tried those flavors once, and I’ve bought White Out over 10 times since it was released.

If you haven’t tried it, you should! I also realize that I’m being very biased right now. So instead I recommend you try all three and see which one you like, and then vote for your favorite! You can vote 3 times a day and you can vote everyday. But today is the last day so everyone please put your final 3 votes in! If you don’t want to try it, just help me vote for White Out! Go to to vote!

In other things, I’ve become a TIME fanatic! I just got my first subscription issue and it’s so great to read. I like how they post letters that people write to them, positive, or negative about them. It’s so great that it’s a weekly magazine so I only have to wait a couple of days for another issue! If you ever get a chance, read it at a newsstand. Their cover story this week is on the Gulf coast oil spill.


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