And the winner of DEWmocracy is…

So yesterday was the final day of Mountain Dew’s DEWmocracy contest and in yesterday’s post, I wrote about how much I love White Out, whichis one of the candidates to vote for to permanently become a Mountain Dew flavor. Well, the results are in and White Out won! It got 44% of the vote.

It was a very close vote with White Out’s competitor, Typhoon, got 40% of the vote. I was starting to think that Typhoon had a chance of winning because it was rapidly getting votes but White Out was steady the entire time.

The other flavor wasn’t even close to the rest. Distortion, their green flavor, got only 16% of the vote getting last place. In my state, Pennsylvania was a battleground for Typhoon and White Out. When looking at the vote, they both stood at 44%, a virtual tie. But White Out’s percentage was in bigger and bolder letters which meant that White Out won in Pennsylvania. The same result happened in other states. Even though Typhoon was very close, it was whoever had the most votes which was White Out. Now that’s what I call a DEWmocracy.


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