Toy Story 3: Could it be the best animated movie ever?


Let me make this clear: THIS IS NOT A MOVIE REVIEW. It’s more of an aniticipation post of the movie which was released today. I couldn’t make it tonight, but I really hope I can go this weekend to see it. From the reviews, it seems like it could be the best movie of the summer, or possibly the year.

It still has a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and analysts are estimating that Toy Story 3 could bring in as much as $100 million this weekend, making it Pixar’s biggest opening ever. If you still don’t know what the movie is about, you must be living under a rock, but it’s basically about the toys finally leaving Andy after almost 2 decades together. Andy’s mother donates the toys to a day care without his knowledge. Once the toys arrive, they immediately hate their new home and try to leave, and there starts the adventure.

If there’s a movie to see this summer, this is it. I know it’s animated, but for me, they’re actually better than live-action. But even for fans of live action, they will love this movie and they could possibly even tear up.

But what do I know, I haven’t even seen the movie yet.


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