I’m Back!


After 3 long weeks, I’m back! I’ve been on somewhat of a vacation. I actually spent the past 3 weeks at my dads while my mom went on vacation to the Dominican Republic. When I mean vacation, I use it very loosely. I didn’t have fun at all, except this last weekend where I went to a family friends house in Maryland. I went swimming at their local pool, and it was fun. Other than that, I did nothing. I hope for that to change though, as my mom came from vacation and everything is back to normal. I hope to go to a few more places before my summer ends. I hope to get an iPad for my birthday! (which is in 16 days) but it probably won’t happen. I hope to get something nice though. I also hope to go to New York.

So as I said before, I’m back! So I will be doing posts daily as usual and I’m now planning on doing reviews on things like TV shows, movies, and maybe even iPhone apps! (but I’m not sure about the last one)


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