Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference


You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the recent iPhone 4 problems, and with most of the customers who bought the phone furious about spending another $30 to buy what’s basically a rubber band to put around the iPhone, it’s caused Apple to hold a news conference that is expected to begin shortly. Will Apple recall the iPhone? Probably not. It could cost them billions of dollars to recall the phone, and unless it’s a very serious problem that could cause some type of harm, I don’t think they’ll recall the iPhone.

My best bet is on giving the rubber band-type case for free to iPhone 4 customers. It’s extremely unfair for customers paying even more after spending $200 at the least and then pay $30 more for Apple’s mistake. We’ll see what happens as the Apple press conference begins in minutes. Blogs like Engadget, Mashable, gdgt, and other tech websites will be live blogging the event. I’m not sure if cable news channels will carry it live, so check when the conference starts, which is at any minute…


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