I was right!


So yesterday Apple had a press conference about the iPhone 4’s reception problems, and they did exactly what I predicted they would do.

In my last post, I wrote, “My best bet is on giving the rubber band-type case for free to iPhone 4 customers.” That’s exactly what they announced. Multiple reviews, including the one from Consumer Reports says that the rubber band wrap-around that Apple calls the Bumper, fixes the reception problem. So instead of losing billions by announcing a recall, they did the cheaper and better solution, which is giving away the Bumper for free. Steve Jobs said that they will give them for free to iPhone 4 customers until September, but what happens after that? I think they will put the Bumper in every iPhone 4 box for free, along with the headphone/headset and the cleaning cloth that comes with every iPhone.

Since my birthday is only 14 days away, my parents asked me about what I wanted. Guess what I asked for…


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