Jersey Shore Cast on Strike


They just keep demanding.

TMZ is reporting that the Jersey Shore cast didn’t appear at their reality house in seaside heights where the show is taped because they refuse to shoot the third season unless they get a raise.

This is the second time that they’ve had disputes when it comes to their salary, the first time was right after season 1 ended. In the first season, each cast member earned $200 per episode. After they saw how successful the show became, they demanded a pay raise for season 2. The salary? $10,000 per episode. At first MTV didn’t want to, but knowing that they’ve had their biggest reality hit since The Real World, they gave in and agreed to $10,000 per episode for each cast member. For season 2, they went down to South Beach and spent most of the second season in Miami. But now, even before Season 2 premieres, they are having problems with the production company that created the show, and as the report says, they “are ready to cut the cord,”

MTV says that they don’t comment on contractual negotiations and that production is on time and on schedule. Some sources are also telling TMZ that MTV thinks that they got lucky with this group and they want to keep the cast as it is.

They’re also saying that the reason for the dispute was because MTV came with a new contract with The Situation only, which included a pay raise over $10,000 that wasn’t disclosed, and that’s what got the rest of the cast demanding for more money.

Don’t worry about Season 2 though, it will premiere for sure on July 29 as planned on MTV.

As for the crew of the show, they’re still waiting for them to show up.


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