Microsoft announces a new Xbox 3

After an Amazon website leaked the details, Microsoft announced that they are replacing the existing the existing Xbox 360 Arcade with a new one with the same form factor as the one they announced last month, and it will have built-in Wi-Fi and 4GB of memory space, compared to the 512MB that came with the old Arcade. Just as the existing 360, it will be priced at $199 and will be Kinect compatible. Speaking of Kinect, Microsoft also announced that Kinect will cost $149. A little pricey, considering it’s only the hardware, and you need to spend another $40-$60 for every video game.

Also, you like the pics I put up? I added an amazing new effect that’s called HDR, it brings out colors to things you didn’t even realized were in the picture. The first pic doesn’t show the effect to it’s full potential, but the second one does! The second pic was taken at my brothers graduation. When looking at the original picture, the clouds had no color, but when adding the effect, it uses some of the suns color to bring out an amazing horizon. I’m really starting to like photography, that’s why I post new ones daily right here!


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