Shirley Sherrod Controversy gets The White House in trouble


Wow. A lot of people and organizations made mistakes these past 2 days, and it’s all because they didn’t do their homework. If you don’t already know, Shirley Sherrod, a now former USDA official was forced to resign because of remarks that she made over 24 YEARS AGO saying that she didn’t go as far as she could’ve to help a white farmer simply because the farmer was white – END OF VIDEO. Just off of that video that was released by a website that isn’t at all a news source, news channels like Fox News Channel and organizations like the NAACP, just saw that part of the video and immediately called her a racist and that she should resign. That also prompted Tom Vilsack, head of the Department of Agriculture and The White House to force Sherrod to resign, according to Sherrod herself.

The problem is, that’s not all she said. She ended up saying that she should have had better judgement and ended up helping the white farmer to the fullest extent possible, and saved the man’s farm. That part wasn’t released by the site, which released the edited tape. No one realized that soon enough, because by the time all the details came out, Sherrod already resigned. Today, The White House said that it is sorry to Sherrod for what has happened, which by the way, happened even faster than the McChrystal scandal! This took a matter of hours before she resigned, and now everyone is regretting not paying attention and finding out the complete story than a 2 minute clip of a much longer speech. Another crazy thing is that Sherrod apparently resigned because she got a phone call saying The White House told her she had to resign because she was probably going to appear on Glenn Beck that night (yesterday). Seriously??? The White House needs to stop being so insecure! Every time Fox News Channel says something he doesn’t like, they blame controversies to them! Now, they might have added more fuel to the fire, but don’t be afraid that the controversy will end up on a show of that channel! You’re the WHITE HOUSE! There are over 300 million people living in this country! Only 3 million watch Fox News Channel at the most!! That’s 0.3% of the population! Stop worrying about them! They’re just a basic cable channel, don’t fight with Glenn Beck or Bill O’ Reilly, they don’t matter!!! I never thought I would say this, but grow up! Stop trying to fight back, your just stooping down to their level! It’s completely ridiculous. Also, for being the biggest country in the world, they really didn’t do their research to get all the facts and know that Shirley Sherrod wasn’t just what the video showed her to be.


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