Martin Bashir leaves ABC for MSNBC


Journalist and anchor Martin Bashir is leaving his anchor position at ABC’s Nightline and will join NBC news and MSNBC.

In the move, he’s going to do periodic investigative reports for NBC’s Dateline, and will anchor a daily news program in the afternoon on MSNBC. If you find him familiar, he was granted a rare interview with Michael Jackson years before his death, which was called one of the most personal interviews that Michael has ever given. Bashir went to his home and gave an all access look at how a day is in Michael’s life.

Bashir is a Pakistani-British journalist who started his career at Britain’s BBC, and eventually got to network TV in the United States.

The hiring of Bashir is showing that MSNBC is looking to have personalities on the dayside as well as in Primetime. They’ve also given permanent anchoring to Tamron Hall, who hosts 2 nonconsecutive hours on MSNBC.

One suggestion to MSNBC, give each host a format that they want to go with, which includes a unique title with the anchor’s name on it. Also, let them make special news-oriented segments, and maybe even a studio for each show?


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