How do you define anger? Everyone has their own definition, but it’s mostly being mad towards someone, something, or some situation. The thing that is different for everyone is the way that you control the anger or the way you experience it. I had a lot of anger today, but it happened in a way that I never experienced before. When I got angry, an electric shock of fury passed through my entire body. My fists clenched and I shot up out of my seat. My facial expression immediately changed, and I had a feeling of bubbles popping through my entire body for a millisecond, as if my blood was boiling.

Even though it’s for a bad reason, the feeling that you get is an amazing experience. Your body immediately changes physically just because you find something so anger-invoking that you literally feel a shock going through your entire body. Even though I won’t say what happened, the anger that I had towards the situation was the highest in my life, I really wanted to cause some destruction.

Don’t be concerned, I’m okay now!


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