Jailbreaking now Legal!


Hackers Rejoice!

I never thought I would be able to say this, but jailbreaking your iPhone and any other cell phone is now completely legal in the United States, according to the Library of Congress. Apple has been fighting against the change for years after the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) asked for a DCMA exemption when it comes to jailbreaking cellular devices.

The EFF was ecstatic with the news that the Library of Congress agreed with their stand on jailbreaking and limitations put on cell phones, saying “It’s gratifying that the Copyright Office acknowledges this right and agrees that the anticircumvention laws should not interfere with interoperability.” referring to being able to have more than one network as an option.

It’s also now completely legal to unlock your phone, which Apple limits to it’s users in the US, allowing only AT&T to provide service. I think it’s a huge victory for hackers, users of jailbroken devices, and people who want their iPhone on another network. It lifts a huge weight off of the shoulders of owners of jailbreaking websites fearing prosecution.

Even though it really doesn’t change much, (since Apple will still patch every jailbreak with every new software update) they won’t be able to sue anyone just because their iPhone is jailbroken. Also, don’t go to the Apple Store with a damaged iPhone if it’s jailbroken! Even though it’s legal, Apple will still void your warranty since jailbreaking is against their terms of use.


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