Steve McPherson out of ABC


After 6 years, Steve McPherson announced that he will resign as President of Entertainment at ABC. He is pretty much in charge of all the shows that make it on to ABC’s fall and summer schedule. He’s had his share of success, with hits like Dancing with the Stars, Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and Desperate Housewives. That suddenly changed and in recent years, as the network has fallen from it’s glory days. It’s now in third place, and with the advertiser loved 18-49 demographic, they tied with NBC, who’s in fourth place in the ratings. The only recent show under him that is great with viewers is the critically-acclaimed comedy, (and my personal favorite comedy) Modern Family.

The reason for leaving according to him, is to be an entrepreneur in the business of spirits – Wow. ABC wasted almost no time announcing McPherson’s replacement. They said Paul Lee, President of ABC Family, will take McPherson’s place. This happened very quickly; first being reported by about 3 hours ago, and already topping headlines. I never saw him as badly hated like Jeff Zucker, but he has been criticized for ABC’s losing streak when it comes to dramas with only 1 new drama surviving the 2009 fall season. (V)

I will admit that I have a tiny favoritism to the guy since he brought the funniest comedy in years to network television (Modern Family, which got 14 nominations alone) and also launched a great new comedy block overall on Wednesdays.


One thought on “Steve McPherson out of ABC

  1. Catherine says:

    O my Junior that pic is too close Lol…. Like Ive said shape up your mustache . ….who cares what your mother said your 16 YRS OLD lol jk

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