Jersey Shore: Why I can’t stop watching

Back about a year ago, I was constantly seeing reports on multiple shows on multiple channels of a new reality show that was going to premiere on MTV that was going to portray young Italians in a demeaning and defamatory way. I quickly agreed after I saw some of the videos that they showed of them, they were out of control.

So weeks passed by, my opinion of them didn’t get better—worse if any. Then news came that the show was becoming a success for MTV, growing week-to-week, but I still didn’t want to see it. I wasn’t going to give in to all that trash.

Then it got worse. News came that one of the cast members, Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) got punched in the face by a man in a club at the shore. The video became a hit on the Internet, making the show get on my nerves even more.

Then it got even worse. My younger brother became a huge fan, and kept telling me to watch it, once again getting on my nerves. At that point I didn’t think I could possibly hate the show more.

Then one day, I was on my laptop, and eventually got bored, so I went to my TV. My brother was there, and Jersey Shore was on. I then thought to myself, “let’s see how bad this show is…” and started watching.


The show blew my mind. It was like the heavens! Even though the quality of the show was pretty terrible, it was the best reality show I’ve ever seen. The first episode I saw was the episode when Ronnie got in a fight at the boardwalk and he and Sammi pretty much split up and got back together in a matter of minutes.

Just like many people, I judged the show without ever giving it a chance. I know people think it’s trashy, (and sometimes it is) but it really shows these young people having fun and also facing a lot of drama, which is perfect for reality television. I also don’t like reality shows, but Jersey Shore is one of only 2 reality shows I watch. The only person I can’t stand on the show is Mike, also known as The Situation. This guy is so conceded and has such a huge ego, it’s sickening. The only thing that’s slightly good about him is his confidence, which is sky high, but that’s also a bad thing, because he thinks he can get any girl on the face of the planet. Seriously, this guy needs to get a reality check—and that’s what Angelina is for!

Like I said earlier, many people are saying that Jersey Shore shows Italians in a bad way. I don’t think that at all. My opinion hasn’t changed at all for Italians, everyones different, no matter your nationality. What I’d like to know is why I didn’t hear a lot of arguing and controversy over Italian stereotypes when The Sopranos was still running. I can’t see partying and occasional fights being worse than tons of murders and organized crime.

Tonight’s a big night for MTV, they’re hoping that the show will be bigger than ever. I can almost guarantee it. I’m almost certain that Jersey Shore will get over 5 million viewers tonight, and possibly close to 6 million, which will make it a series high

So tonight, when you and I watch, make sure you have a good time, I know the Jersey Shore cast is.


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