Yesterday I missed my first post in a while and I did on purpose, because it was my 16th birthday. As far as how fun it was, it was great. I got money, sneakers, some other clothes, and my family took me out to eat. We went to this burger place for the first time called Fuddruckers and the burgers were delicious. You had the option of adding any toppings that you wanted to the burger, and it comes with oven-baked fries and a drink. The place itself was a sight to see. It had a setting of an old bar but with many modern things to it. Tons of photos are in the store, and specific ones that caught my eye were pictures of The Beatles. They had tens, if not hundreds of photos of the band and they even had an area where you could sit that was curved and had a roundtable and once you say down, and you would be surrounded by photos and memorabilia of The Beatles; they even had a sign with lights just for the band. If you know me, you would know that I love anything with a vintage look to it, and this place was full of it. I have some pictures that I took, including The Beatles booth, the pictures of them, and me at Fuddruckers-who claim they have the world’s best burgers, and I agree.

I was caught by surprise by all the things I got, because my mom has dropped the ball in the last few years. This is the first birthday of mine that she actually planned on buying me something in about 4 years, and it could possibly be the second best birthday I’ve ever had (the first being back when I lived in New York). So now I’m splurging and I’m trying to get as many things as possible on eBay and other places! So in conclusion, I’m very happy and pleased with how my birthday went, and hopefully my summer—which ends in 31 days—will be just as good.


One thought on “Birthday

  1. Catherine says:

    Junior Ive known you and didnt know you like vintage things Lol

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