Summer Blues


As the summer hits it’s climax, you start to find that things go much slower than if it were winter.

You get used to the heat, sunlight, and indoor air conditioning. You find more spare time, and you can easily get bored. What I’ve learned is that when you have more spare time, you end up starting a repetitive schedule. That’s exactly what I’ve developed in this very monotonous summer.

I wanted to be very busy, but no opportunities came up. I still have time, but the shadow that is school is starting to approach, and that takes a huge part of my day. I just turned 16 and there’s already a huge push for me to get a job and start to drive. I’ve asked for no applications, and I just started reading the drivers manual, which I think is a conspiracy by the Pennsylvania DMV to make the book be the most boring on the planet!

All I’m saying is that now that the summer is winding down, we have a cold year ahead of us, and that’s when I’m my laziest. I definitely have to get a job and learn how to drive soon before I decide to wait until the summer of 2011, which seems like an eternity away.


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