My love/hate relationship with eBay


Everyday I bid on something I want to buy on eBay. For 99% of the bidding time, I’m winning. Then in the last 10 seconds I get outbid and can’t bid higher on time. I’ve only been a member of eBay for 3 days and I’ve won 1 bid and lost about 8. Maybe this happens to everyone, but I’m extremely pissed and I’ve already quit eBay. When I lost my final bid on the same product for the fifth time, I was done. The only reason why I appreciate eBay is for the bid I did win, which had to have been the best offer I’ve ever won for my money. What I still don’t understand is how long it will take until the product arrives. I paid the person within minutes of me winning the bid, and everything went fine.

I hope that eBay stops last minute bidding but I know that won’t happen, since it would of course be unfair. But I’m done though, I cannot stand eBay anymore.

To eBay: Thanks, but fuck you too.


One thought on “My love/hate relationship with eBay

  1. Catherine says:

    Wow …. Thanks But Fuck you too Lol

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