The Worst Show on Television Is…


Yes. It’s time. I’ve seen tons of shows, and I think I got it. I chose to include reality shows when trying to decide, and yes, the worst show on television is a reality show. I might do another choice of a scripted show, but that’s for another post. So here we go.

The Worst Show on Television: Oxygen’s The Bad Girls Club

Every aspect of this show is abysmal. The quality, the concept, the production, and I haven’t even brought up the cast members. The producers purposely cast the worst possible girls that they meet with in order to get the thing that brings in the ratings: fights. There are at least 5 arguments in each episode, with a lot of it being bleeped out. The girls are so trashy, you would think that they were picked up from the side of an alley. They also have big egos and love to start problems, which adds to the lowering of the quality of this already horrific show. The camera work is also not good, with the picture looking very grainy when the cast members doing their commentary. I guess they didn’t get enough funding to get HD cameras.

I just don’t get why people watch this show, it’s ridiculous. The newest season premiere posted series highs and network highs for Oxygen, so people are watching. Good thing that they’ve never even reached over 2 million viewers, so not many people watch it.

So that’s my pick for the worst show on television. I dare you to think of a show that’s possibly worse than The Bad Girls Club.


One thought on “The Worst Show on Television Is…

  1. Catherine says:

    Jersey Shore Lol JK

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