NYC Lawmaker throws money at protesters


Bronx lawmaker Pedro Espada was booed, heckled, and shouted on by a crowd of protesters when trying to get in an office where he was supposed to work on the city budget. He then started to throw dollar bills at the crowd of protesters, pissing them off even more.

When asked about the incident, he said that the crowd was in fact not real protesters but were actually paid to make it seem like if there was something wrong. He also said that the protesters blocked him from exiting the restroom at the city capital building.

The people were protesting because Espada has what people say is a salary that is much too high for his job. He reportedly spends over $36,000 a week!!! He defended himself by saying that he has helped the people of New York City with rent freezes on apartments.

This guys ridiculous. Your an elected official. You have a public image. You can’t spend peoples money like this without being caught. There are things called records, and people look at it. So watch your back, and stop being so stupid!!!


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