Eminems new Music Video: It’s Great


So yesterday MTV premiered Eminem’s new music video with Rihanna called “Love the Way You Lie” before an encore of last weeks Jersey Shore premiere. I missed it, but I just watched the music video on YouTube through VEVO, and it already has almost 1 million views since it premiered last night.

The video is centered around domestic violence and it has Megan Fox as the girlfriend and Lost alum Dominic Monaghan as the abusive boyfriend. They both have drinking problems and have an on and off relationship with constant fighting. He eventually starts grabbing her and gets close to hitting her but instead punches through a wall. He talks about the ups and downs and how the same thing happens when it comes to arguments. It ends with him threatening to tie her up and setting the house on fire. It seems he did go through it because both the guy and girl are bursting in flames gracefully. It really seems like Eminem has experience with this type of thing, giving a very detailed description of an abusive relationship. When scenes of Eminem rapping cue, he’s in the middle of a grain field, and Rihanna is in front of what is supposed to be the burning house. In the video, you get to see her fiery-red hair up close, and looks very nice too.

Overall, I thought the video was great. I actually think it’s the greatest hip-hop music video I’ve ever seen. Yes, EVER. The video was great, and the rap went along perfectly with the acting by the 2 characters. The characters even match Eminem’s words at some times during the video. So yes, for a hip-hop video, it’s perfect.


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