I had a very fun day today. Even though I didn’t really do much, it was still fun-filled.

First, my new webcam arrived. It’s a Microsoft LifeCam HD. It records 720p HD video and it takes great pictures too. I can’t wait to do a video conference with someone to show the great quality of the camera.

Then I went to a barbecue at my mom’s friends house. The food was great, I ate twice, and drank tons of soda. I still have urges to burp 😛 At the barbecue, I saw a chihuahua puppy, that was less than a foot long. It was so nice and tiny. It tried to bite me, but it’s teeth weren’t fully developed yet, so the bites didn’t hurt. I then started playing bowling, tennis, and golf on Wii Sports. After that I played with the dog even more. Then I decided to watch a movie called The Ghost Writer or Rider in HD from the Blu-Ray player. Right when the movie was about to start, I had to go home.

So that’s it, nothing special, but overall a fun day.


2 thoughts on “Fun.

  1. Catherine says:

    Who’s house you go to ?

  2. Junior Gonzalez says:

    My mom’s friends house Janiris.

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