Flight Attendant Quits in the craziest way EVER


You might have already heard this story today, and I find it hilarious.

A JetBlue flight attendant was called obscenities by a passenger after the attendant was hit by something from that same passenger. The flight attendant was so pissed that he (yes, it’s a guy) went on the intercom and called the passenger obscenities back. Then he took 2 beers from the plane and inflated the slide used only for emergencies to leave the plane. He slid down to the ground and drove home, only to be arrested by the time he arrived.

I find it funny just because of the story itself, but for the unique was that he left the job, it’s very serious. He used the inflatable slides which he himself knows is for emergencies only and he said horrible things through the intercom which everyone hears in the plane. Plus, it’s been giving JetBlue bad press since the incident happened yesterday. The flight attendant was arraigned and his bail has been set at $2500. By the way, the flight attendant’s name is Steven Slater, theres still no details on the woman passenger who allegedly started the argument.


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