iPhone: A Chick Magnet?


This made me laugh, but also made me feel very lucky 🙂

According to some statistics from OkCupid, which is one of the largest online dating services in the country, people who are iPhone users have more sexual partners on average than Android and BlackBerry users. For women, it’s almost twice as much against Android users, and men also are shown to have much more sex parters than Android and BlackBerry users. The study was done to 10,000 anonymous members.

An even weirder part was that the older the person was, the more sexual partners they had, no matter what phone you had. By the age of 40, iPhone users have 16 partners on average, as opposed to an 18 year old who would only have 2 according to the study.

iPhone users do have competition though. BlackBerry users came in second, but a very close second at times depending on age. Android users though, were at a distant third place.


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