I’m in New York!


I just got an Internet connection, and it’s my first chance to say I’m in New York City! As always, it’s beautiful, and I will be taking tons of pictures all weekend and I’ll be posting them right away. I hope to go to many places, but with my mom’s strict schedule, I don’t know if I’ll be able to go to much places. I was going to say this earlier, but I wasn’t 100% sure that I was going to come. When I did find out, I was already in the car, heading to the city. I saw sone cool things on the way over to NYC, the most interesting being a huge Boeing 787 that flew just over our car. I really thought it was going to hit me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera on time to take what would’ve been an amazing image of the plane close to the ground.

In other updates, I got a haircut for the first time in a couple of months, and I finally cut off my mustache! People (like my brothers and cousin [You know who you are!]) have been bugging me to take it off because it looked gross, it didn’t seem that big to me, so I didn’t worry about it much, but it’s finally off! So I’m going with a nice, clean cut look to New York.

Like I said, I’ll be posting all weekend, and if anything crazy happens (which there probably will!) you’ll be the first to see it.


4 thoughts on “I’m in New York!

  1. Catherine says:

    Lol … Yes everyone it was me … Bugging you about that Nasty looking mustache …. you could of atleast shaped it up or something but hey atleast you shaved it off cause that was a horror to look at lol jk

  2. Catherine says:

    And you couldve taken a better picture junior Lol im disappointed in you lol jk but yeah i could of taken a way better pic of the city lol….btw who took you New york and with who & how long yall gonna be there? btw write back!!!!!!! cause you never do !!

  3. Junior Gonzalez says:

    Hey it wasn’t that “Nasty”! Lol and I think I took a pretty decent picture since I took it while the car was moving, and that’s the beat pic I got so far. Anyway I’m with my mom Moises and Julio. Jose stayed home of course because of work– and I’m going to be in New York until tomorrow night. And It wasn’t horrible to look at me!! You’re Exaggerating!! lol

  4. Catherine says:

    Lol it wasnt horrible looking at you but it was looking at that mustache of yours or whenever you took close up pics lol jk… Still junior .. yo when i went last week i couldve taken so many nice i mean nice pics like really nice pics but i aint have a camera so that sucked but yeah .. yo yall should go to times square and go to the foot locker there they got some hot shoes rlly hot lol take a pic of you now and upload it on twitter so i can she what you look like b4 your hair starts to grow back… btw didnt you get my tweet GET ON MSN SUCKKER LOL btw how you got internet?…. btw write back !!

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