It Was My Idea!


This is crazy. I feel a little surprised but a little proud of myself as well. So a while back, I came up with starting a story that could be easily changed into a script about a television morning show. It was going to be about a new TV anchor joining the morning show and there were going to be problems along the way. I look into the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. It’s the Fall Movie Preview issue. What do I see listed as one of the upcoming movies?! Yeah. It’s a movie called Morning Glory and it stars Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford as the lead anchors. Ford plays a veteran anchor who used to host the evening news and gets a new gig as the host of a morning show that’s performing low in the ratings. They try to use his star power, if any, to bring the show to the top.

I was mad when I read this at first, but there’s really nothing I can do. Also, for me to think of a concept, and for the concept to be a movie is very encouraging to me. It makes me think that I can be a writer or someone that comes up with cool and unique ideas.

If you want to see Morning Glory, it comes out November 12. Above is a picture of the 2 leads in action at the news desk.


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