10 Days until the Primetime Emmys!


We’re now less than 10 days until TV’s biggest night, the Primetime Emmy Awards.

Jimmy Fallon will be hosting, and it should be a very good night. I’ve tried to not talk about the Emmys here, but since were getting close, I’ll start predicting day-by-day. If you know about television, expect AMC’s Mad Men to go home with a lot of Emmy statuettes.

ABC’s Modern Family and Fox’s Glee are going to battle for Outstanding Comedy. Meanwhile Glee’s Jane Lynch and The Good Wife’s Jiuliana Margelies should win for their respective roles for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy and Outstanding Actress in a Drama.

Awards that are still up in the air are for Leading and Supporting Actors in both Comedy and Drama. I’ll have those predictions over the next few days.

Christmas comes early for me because this is going to be the best night! Make sure you tune in to The Primetime Emmy Awards which will air on Sunday, August 29th on NBC.


One thought on “10 Days until the Primetime Emmys!

  1. Catherine says:

    Are you serious Junior ” Christmas comes early for me”.. wow you must have suckish Christmas lol jk

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