Emmys: Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Prediction


Other than my last prediction, this is also one of the hardest categories to predict. Half of all the nominations are actresses from new shows. Before I start explaining my choices, here are the nominees:

Jane Lynch (Glee)

Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live)

Jane Krakowski (30 Rock)

Julie Bowen (Modern Family)

Sofia Vergara (Modern Family)

Holland Taylor (Two and A Half Men)

I bet many would say that this category is easy, easy as in Jane Lynch from Glee should win. I’m not necessarily contesting that, but I’m also not saying I’m certain that Lynch will win. The main competitors to Lynch are of course from Modern Family. Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara’s performances on the show were downright hilarious, and are also deserving of the Emmy. In my opinion Bowen and Vergara were much more funnier than Lynch, and since it is for a comedy series, either Bowen or Vergara should win. The thing is, they won’t. Everyone is going insane over Lynch’s performance on Glee, and I don’t disagree on the performing part, but the award she is nominated for isn’t necessarily the one she should be in. She does have funny moments, but not nearly as funny as Bowen or Vergara on Modern Family.

Even though Lynch is an almost-certain win, I still have hope for Bowen and Vergara. Just like Glee and Modern Family in the Outstanding Comedy Series, the funniest should win. That’s why I believe that Bowen or Vergara should win. If I had to pick one of the two from Modern Family, I would pick Vergara by just a bit. She brought a brand new type of character to television, and instead of invoking all types of Latin stereotypes, she is very realistic for her situation, and Vergara played her character perfectly.

So here’s my final decision:

Who will win: Jane Lynch

Who should win: Either Julie Bowen or Sofia Vergara

I’ll post my predictions on Outstanding Drama Series soon.


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