Apple’s Event: Great!


Like I said on twitter, it’s amazing how Apple blows me away every single time that they unveil a new iPod. This has to be the best iPod keynote since Apple first introduced the iPod Touch back in 2007.

Just in case you didn’t know, Apple had an event in San Francisco that was focused around music and their products that had to do with music.

Apple unveiled tons of things, like as I mentioned before, an iPod Touch with 2 cameras, retina display, and HD video recording. They also revamped their older models, with the iPod Nano not having a click-wheel for the first time and instead being a small touchscreen box and has a clip, it looks very, very cool. They also have a new iPod Shuffle, and it brought back the wheel and it’s now just a square instead of a rectangle like the previous versions.

If you want to see more amazing pics of these great products, head over to and see the videos and specs.

Also, sorry I haven’t been posting lately, school has just begun for me and I come home exhausted, and I just got a terrible cold yesterday. I hope that everything goes back to normal soon, but with the return of school, my time to type these posts up have been severely shortened.


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