TV Review: No Ordinary Family



If you know ABC, they have been on a huge downwards spiral when it comes to television dramas in recent years. Shows like “FlashForward and “The Deep End” got buzz at first but they went down, and fast.

ABC is still in a bit of a slump this season, with almost all of their new dramas (My Generation, The Whole Truth) premiering horribly. Well, ABC is premiering another new show tonight and its the best of all of their new shows so far. “No Ordinary Family” premieres tonight with the Jim, the patriarch of the family, deciding to take a trip with his family to try to reconnect each other, and end up in a plane crash in the middle of the ocean after really bad weather. All of the family survives but the pilot, and somehow they return home safely as if nothing happened, with the kids already texting (wasn’t all of their stuff left in the water?) and the mother, Stephanie, already going to work.

Jim is once again sad to see his family go back into their non-communicating ways, but he can’t do anything about it. While being in the house, he realizes that he has a huge amount of strength, he broke a door knob with absolutely no effort. He ends up going to the batting cage and he hits the baseball so hard that it flew out of sight (and possibly, out of this world) and discovers that he has super-strength powers.

Stephanie, realizes that she can run faster than most commercial airplanes after she got a friend to record her speed on a running track. It recorded well over 500MPH, which is insane. One of the kids, Daphne, finds out something very bad from her superpower, which is reading minds. The son, who’s called JJ, struggles to find his superpower, but by the end of the pilot, he has a superpower that was much needed for him, but for you to know, you’re going to have to tune in tonight.

Just to let you know, this show is not heavy on drama, its very lightweight. Its a drama that can be seen with the whole family, so don’t expect big and bloody action scenes and shocking revelations, its more cheezy than I thought it was going to be. Is it like The Incredibles? Sort of, the superpowers are switched around for the family, and its not used as much as you think they would. Its cute though, and that might just win everyone over.


No Ordinary Family Premieres Tonight at 8 P.M. on ABC.


P.S.: This is my first TV review, and I tried so hard not to spoil anything, but if I did, sorry, and I’ll try better next time!


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