The Event Ep. 2 Recap


With a bit of news to start off this recap, ratings for The Event are down double digits from last weeks big premiere, down 19% to a 2.9 rating in the all-important adults 18-49 demographic.

Meanwhile, I’m still hooked on The Event, with yet another cliffhanger at the end of the episode and let me make it clear with asterisks and capital letters, **IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 2 AND ARE GOING TO, DO NOT READ BEYOND THIS SENTENCE!!!** so, let’s get started!

The episode begins with the plane crashing in Arizona after being sucked in by an electromagnetic cloud in Antigua, which ultimately answered the question of where the plane went. The plane crashed soft enough to not blow up, at least immediately. Everyone got out of the plane safely, with Sean Walker saving the Air Marshal that was threatening to shoot him in last weeks episode. Michael is finally seen leaving the plane and gives Sean at least some closure on his girlfriend’s whereabouts and tells Sean to flee the desert-looking location they were in after they spot these huge black choppers that were approaching them and the passengers. Sean leaves but passes out and suffers heat stroke from walking so much in the hot conditions in Arizona. He wakes up in a hospital where a nurse tells him what happened to him and he immediately tells her to call the police. She calls them and tells the police his name, and the officer looks in the officers database, and finds that he is wanted for murder. The cops arrive and Sean immediately knows that something is up, and he decides to make a run for it. He eventually gets caught, and that’s pretty much happened to Sean in episode 2.

Now to President Martinez. A lot happened to him in the pilot and now he’s looking for some answers. He talks to the director of the CIA and tells him to not hold anything back about the people detained in a secret facility in Alaska and the plane that disappeared mysteriously. The Director finally tells him that these people in the federal facility are “not terrestrial” which means that they are not from here, as in, this world. Yeah.

The director further explains that there is a difference of 1% from their DNA to ours, which might seem small to any regular person, but monkeys have only a 2% difference, so any number of difference between their DNA and ours is of concern. He also mentioned that the pace of aging is much slower for them compared to humans, and he finally tells the President how long they’ve kept the detainees in that facility. They were found in 1944 next to some sort of weird space-crafty thing and after testing, they found that these people were not normal. They also show pictures of the people right after they were captured, including a snippet of Sofia, who is the leader of this detained in the facility. She has barely aged.

President Martinez orders a meeting with Sofia, and they meet at the facility in Alaska. The meeting was pretty much wasted, since Sofia told him that she couldn’t tell him anything. The President gets frustrated and begins to leave and Sofia yells out that they’ve been held much too long and that their patience is running out. He asked her if that was a threat, and she responds saying, “You said you wanted to truth, I’m giving it to you.” He keeps leaving and that’s pretty much it for the President this episode.

Now over to Simon Lee. He gets appointed to find the other humanoids who have escaped the facility and who are living around the country as humans. The thing is, he is one of those humanoids. He got a blood sample taken and right after, he went to a bathroom stall and removed a tube from his left arm that he used to make it seem like it was a vain. A nurse took a blood sample and soon enough, he was accepted to the CIA. So yes, Simon is just like those people being held in the facility. Now for the cliffhanger. The final scene was at the location where the plane crashed, and it looked like Jonestown, with everyone on board the plane dead across the field. That was episode 2.

So what did we learn? The people in the facility are not like regular humans, the plane was somehow landed safely (possibly by the help of the humanoids) a CIA agent is also one of them (Simon) Sean gets arrested for murder, and everyone in the plane (with the exception of Sean, were dead. Who’s ready for episode 3!? I can’t wait!!!


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